‘The sexiest woman alive’: See golfer Paige Spiranac step out at Miami swimsuit party


Paige Spiranac traded in her sporty golf apparel for a slinky bikini getup Saturday night.

The reason: Maxim’s Hot 100 “experience” at Hyde Beach in Miami Beach, one month after the magazine dubbed her the “sexiest woman alive.”

The 29-year-old former pro seemed to be relishing in her recently minted sex symbol status, posing next to her cover on the red carpet at the chichi hotel.

The Colorado native tweeted that she was “still in shock” she’d been chosen to front the so called lad bible. (Spiranac beat out such other Hollywood beauties as Megan Fox, Nicki Minaj and Ana de Armas.)

So what does it mean to carry the Maxim mantle? To the Arizona resident, being so called sexy, even on the links, just comes naturally.

“People say you’re promoting women to show off their assets or to wear less to get more engagement online,” she says in the cover story. “My message is wear what you want to wear.”

Since winning at the 100th Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship (finishing with nine under par) in 2015, Spiranac has amassed a hugely impressive Instagram following.

How impressive? With 3.5 million followers, that’s about 500,000 more than Tiger Woods.

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