Severe storm, tornado threat shifts east as tumultuous pattern persists in South

It had been many weeks since a significant severe weather outbreak occurred in the United States when a round of dangerous thunderstorms ignited across parts of the South early this week. Following two dozen incidents of severe weather over the lower Mississippi Valley into Monday night, severe weather continued through Tuesday in the Southeastern states. Some of the storms lingered well after dark on Tuesday, with tornado warnings being issued into the overnight hours in parts of the Big Bend of Florida.

As AccuWeather meteorologists had warned, thunderstorms Monday and Monday night turned especially violent across Louisiana and Mississippi. Over a dozen episodes of severe wind damage and five tornadoes were reported across the two states, according to the Storm Prediction Center. Thunderstorms repeatedly doused the same area for several hours, allowing 2- to 3-inch rain amounts, including in towns across south-central Mississippi, south of Jackson, like Brookhaven and McComb.

The culprit behind Monday's severe weather shifted eastward into the Southeast Tuesday and once again caused violent thunderstorms to erupt. This time, locations from the central Gulf Coast to the mid-Atlantic were in line for these thunderstorms.

However, similarly to Monday, there was a risk of tornadoes.


Atmospheric conditions were most volatile across parts of the Florida Panhandle, southeastern Alabama and southwestern Georgia, making that the most likely zone for tornadoes to touch down, Douty explained.

For those staying in the area Tuesday night, the more significant impact was a round of gusty winds that had the potential to knock over trees and trigger sporadic power outages.

After this bout of severe weather, dry conditions are expected for most of Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day. However, another storm moving from the Gulf Coast to the Carolina Coast is forecast to bring a round or two of rain from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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