Several indicted in connection with deaths of men drugged after leaving gay bars

Multiple suspects have been indicted in connection with the deaths of two gay men who were robbed and drugged after leaving gay bars in New York City's Hell's Kitchen last year, prosecutors said. The exact number of people indicted was unclear, as court documents obtained by CBS News were heavily redacted, but it appeared there were at least five defendants listed.

One person, Shane Hoskins, was facing multiple counts that include robbery, conspiracy, grand larceny and identity theft. In total, 19 counts were handed down, but it was unclear what many of them were and who was being charged as that information remained sealed.

John Umberger, 33, Julio Ramirez, 25, died about five weeks apart last spring under similar circumstances after being seen leaving popular Hell's Kitchen gay bars with strangers, CBS New York reported

Both men died of acute intoxication from the combined effects of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin, cocaine, lidocaine, and ethanol, according to the medical examiner's office.

Hoskins was allegedly part of a plot to approach intoxicated people leaving nightclubs, engage them in conversation and then offer them drugs that would incapacitate them in order to rob them, the court documents allege.

"It was part of the conspiracy for (redacted) and Hoskins to then steal phones, credit cards, personal identifying information or other property once those individuals were further intoxicated and incapacitated to the extent that their ability to perceive events became diminished, and that they were unable to recall or recount those events," the indictment reads.

"It was also part of the conspiracy for and Hoskins to use credit cards, either physical cards or card information stored on an individuals' cell phone, to make unauthorized money transfers and purchases at stores," the indictment added.

After following through with the scheme Hoskins would then split the proceeds with his co-conspirators, prosecutors allege.

Hoskins is next due in court June 8.

— Cara Tabachnick contributed reporting.  

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