Seven Days in 100 Words: The Facebook Phone

Rebecca Greenfield

The typical gadget review these days can run thousands of words and cover hundreds of features before telling you what you really want to know: is this thing any good? The Atlantic Wire will cut to the chase after spending a week with a device and give you just the bottom line. 

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Price: At $99, worth it, especially for people who tend to lose and ruin things.

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Hardware: The type of phone you can throw around, but doesn't feel too chintzy because of a thick rubber back.

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Battery Life: Pretty incredible; can last more than two days with minimal use.

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Best Feature: Chat Heads. You can text inside any app—not just the messaging one. It makes the whole process—reading, responding, getting back to what you’re doing—much faster.

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Deal Breaker: A home screen full of Facebook status updates and crappy photos scrolling endlessly.