How To: Set up Bluetooth on iPhone

Scott Younker
November 3, 2011
How To: Set up Bluetooth on iPhone

With several States enacting hands-free driving laws, it’s become more important for busy people to have a Bluetooth headset when in the car. 

Fortunately, almost all major phone manufacturers have integrated Bluetooth into their products. Apple is no different and the iPhone comes standard with integrated Bluetooth.

We’ll help you set it up in four easy steps:

1. Go to your iPhone’s “Homescreen” and hit the “Settings” icon. Then select “General” followed by “Bluetooth”. You’ll need to slide the Bluetooth setting to ON.

2. To connect your Bluetooth device make sure that the device is within at least 30 feet of the iPhone. Turn the device on and put it in discoverable mode. 

3. The iPhone should find and recognize the device for you. When the phone does find your device, select the name of the device on the phone and then select “Pair.”

4. Your user manual for the Bluetooth device has a four-digit passcode. You’ll need this to connect it. When prompted, enter the passcode on the iPhone. Finally, tap the “Connect” icon to finish the pairing process.

You should now be ready to talk away on your Bluetooth headset. 

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