Serb police: man shot in border town clash between migrants

BELRADE, Serbia (AP) — One man was shot and wounded and a number of others were detained following reports of a clash between migrants in a northern Serbian town on the border with Hungary, police said on Friday.

Police said they found a 20-year-old man shot twice in the chest after responding late Thursday to calls from Horgos residents that groups of migrants were shooting at each other in the town. Six others were also found at the scene.

The incident comes as the numbers of migrants trying to reach Western Europe through the Balkans have grown considerably in the past months. Migrants come to Serbia from North Macedonia and Bulgaria before trying to cross to European Union member states Hungary and Croatia.

Hundreds of migrants are believed to be camping on Serbia's border with Hungary, making numerous attempts to cross a wire fence at the border, mostly with the help of people smugglers. Migrants are often pushed back by Hungarian police and spend months in the area before managing to reach Western Europe.

Serbian police said they have launched an operation to detain all those involved in Thursday's shooting incident and in migrant smuggling attempts with the help of drones.

Serbian media reports said surveillance videos from Horgos showed large groups of men carrying automatic weapons passing through the town in the direction of the border with Hungary.

Most migrants passing through the Balkans come from Afghanistan and Syria, while others come from countries in the Middle East, Africa or Asia. Serbia, Hungary and Austria have recently announced a joint effort to curb migration through the region.


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