Send this satirical Mar-a-Lago application (and bribe) straight to Donald Trump

Summer might be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean you can't apply to be a member of President Donald Trump's "Winter White House," Mar-a-Lago.

The satirical website is giving users a way to apply for membership to the exclusive Palm Beach club at which Trump has spent more than a quarter of his time as POTUS. Simply print out the joke-laden application, place it in an envelope addressed to Trump and the Mar-a-Lago admissions committee, and include a bribe (a 50-ruble banknote—worth less than $1—was included in an application packet Mashable received).

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The website is, naturally, covered in gold imagery and superfluous language. Honestly, it's remarkably similar to the actual Mar-a-Lago site, which also features plenty of pictures of gilded chandeliers.

"At Mar-a-Lago, our professional staff is trained to lie about your every move. You're welcome," boasts the satirical site.


Visitors to are asked to print out a three-page application and post an image of themselves with it using the hashtag #MaraLagoMe. The application asks for basic information like name, home state and preferred membership type. Examples of different memberships include "Resident Family Golf Membership," "Social Dining Membership," and "Deregulation Panel With Turndown Service."

The application and ruble "bribe."
The application and ruble "bribe."

Image: mashable, lili sams

The latter membership apparently includes the following, per the application:

Sure, your Mar-a-Lago membership application might be useless if you aren't a billionaire, but we suppose it can't hurt to try. Who knows, maybe you can sip Bloody Marys poolside and discuss national policy with the most powerful man on Earth.

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