Senatobia mother says two teen daughters wrongfully arrested by police

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Senatobia mother is demanding justice after she says her two daughters were wrongfully arrested and taken to juvenile lock-up.

On Wednesday, Shanecia Miller was standing outside the Tate County Courthouse holding a purse and school backpack belonging to her daughters, 13-year-old A’laysha and 14-year-old Aniyah.

Both girls were sent to a juvenile facility in Corinth after being arrested Monday during what Senatobia Police described as a “disturbance” while officers were trying to collect evidence from a shooting scene at a public housing project.

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According to Miller, Senatobia Police also assaulted the girls after they got out of school.

“I have not seen them in two days, haven’t talked to them in two days,” said Miller. “Today I’m hoping that my babies come. They missed school. They missed two State tests this week. I just would feel better if they were home in my care.”

Miller says her daughters were walking along East Gilmore and were told by police to get on the sidewalk. She says that is when one of her daughters said something to police.

“As they were approaching the sidewalk, A’Laysha, the 13 year old, turned around and asked him If they didn’t get on the sidewalk, what was they gonna do? Arrest them?” she said.

What followed was both girls being arrested for Simple Assault on an officer after allegedly striking an officer in the head with closed fists multiple times, resisting arrest, and obstructing a public street, according to police.

Miller says the officers assaulted her daughters, possibly injuring one of the girl’s wrists.

“The video of the officers holding the two children in the ground, those are my babies,” said Miller.

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The juvenile court hearing ended with the girls being released to their mother, but to Miller, the outcome is more like house arrest.

“My kids are going home but they have no freedom. They can’t come outside. Just school, school bus, and home. They can’t even be outside in the front yard. If the police ride by and see them outside, they are to lock them back up,” Miller said.

Miller, who is banned from the public housing project, was arrested for trespassing when she tried to intervene.

Senatobia Police released a statement saying a large crowd gathered and caused a disturbance. They said Several people would not comply and were taken into custody.

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