Senate Democrat sees opportunity for bipartisan immigration reform

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Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Sunday that he sees an opportunity for bipartisan collaboration in the Senate over immigration reform as the end of Title 42 last week prompted concerns about a surge of migrants at the border.

“So despite my tough words for how Republicans approach this issue, I think there is still an opportunity, at least in the Senate, for bipartisan immigration reform, maybe not the size of the bill in 2013,” Murphy told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”. “But I do think there are a group of Republicans in the Senate who recognize that we have this massive labor shortage.”

He added that the economic problem in the U.S. may drive some Republicans to the table, saying that the country can boost its economy “by letting more people into the country legally.” He said he could see more discussions happening in the Senate after the GOP-controlled House voted last week on a new immigration bill.

Murphy also said that Republicans have had a number of chances to discuss immigration reform, but so far only small group of GOP members want to engage in talks.

“Well, Republicans have had multiple opportunities to come to the table and pass immigration reform that would fix the problem at the border,” he said. “And my belief is that while you have a small group of Republicans of legitimately want to engage, the majority of that party delights at chaos at the border.

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