Senate Aide Wants to be a Millionaire

Chris Jacobs wants to be a millionaire.

He might well be one already, but he won’t tell. The Republican Senate Joint Economic Committee staffer and prolific health care blogger is also a self-described “trivia hustler.”

On election day, he was travelling to New York City, where he taped an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? the next day.

The Millionaire appearance won’t be Jacobs’s first game show. As a teenager, he appeared on Jeopardy, where he walked away with $5,000.

If he won big, he won’t say. His episode likely won’t air until the spring, and the show bars him from saying a peep about his possible winnings under threat of losing them. But Jacobs’s officemates have been grilling him, even scrutinizing his wardrobe for signs of newfound wealth. If it’s any indication, since his return, he has continued blogging up a storm.  “People are trying to get all sorts of hints about what I won, how much, what did I do, all that sort of thing,” Jacobs said. “I haven’t told them anything.”

Nor would he tell us.

UPDATE: Jacobs writes us, "I view a discussion of whatever money I did (or didn't) win on the show as slightly academic - Obamacare's taxes will likely take most of it anyway, so what's the difference...?"