Senate aid bill better suited to Ukraine’s needs — White House

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson

The $60 billion Ukraine aid bill passed by the U.S. Senate is best suited to address Ukraine’s military needs, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby said on March 14, urging House Speaker Mike Johnson to put it to a vote in the House of Representatives.

“We believe that the supplemental passed by the Senate will work very well,” said Kirby.

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“So we continue to urge Speaker Johnson to take that bill up, put it on the floor, get it voted on, and get it moving forward.  And we know there’s strong bipartisan support for it if it can be made available to a vote.”

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Previously, Johnson said that the House is developing its own bill to aid Ukraine, which will substantially differ from the one passed by the Senate. Notably, it reportedly would extend military assistance to Kyiv on a “lend-lease” basis, meaning that the Ukrainian government would have to pay the United States back in the future — provided it will be able to do so.

The speaker also spoke about creating a mechanism similar to the one proposed by Representative Mike McCaul, which involves the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets and funneling proceeds from the sale of liquidated property towards Ukraine aid.

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