Sen. Jeff Merkley signs letter imploring Biden to use 14th Amendment: ‘This blackmailing has to end’

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) joins Andrea Mitchell to explain why he’s one of the senators leading calls for President Biden to invoke an obscure provision in the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling without Congress. “The President has to have the option to say, ‘These things go too far. They are not acceptable. I'm not going to harm American families. I'm not going to harm our transition to renewable energy, and therefore I'm going to use the 14th Amendment,’” Merkley says. Regarding the letter he sent to the president with ten of his Senate colleagues, Merkley adds, “We are saying to the president, ‘Examine this closely. We have your back. We know it's not without risk. It hasn't been done before. We know that you can have a back up plan to assure the bondholders. This blackmailing has to end.’”