Seminole woman grateful to be alive after car falls nearly 20 feet below the road

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — An Oklahoma woman is thankful to be alive after her car plummeted nearly 20 feet while driving home.

Lindsey Pruitt said she was at her mother’s home during the storms that came through on Monday night.

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“I blacked out from the impact,” said Pruitt. “I said, I’m not sleeping well. This weather has passed, I’m going to go home.”

The last thing Pruitt said she remembers was being on the phone with her mother while driving down a gravel road.

“All of a sudden I came to by hearing my mom scream my name and my dog whimpering,” said Pruitt.

Her car dropped 20 feet after being swallowed by a giant hole.

“I can’t see anything. All my airbags deployed in my vehicle, I’m shaking. The impact jarred me,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt bravely then climbed on top of her car and began waving a flashlight hoping to get help.

“Standing straight up, arms all the way up in the air, I’ve got my flashlight going like this so they cannot run on top of me or into me,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt said her near-death experience could have been prevented.

“I anticipated a slip spot or maybe, you know, a pothole. I didn’t anticipate to fall into the Earth,” she said.

Oklahoma Dept. of Emergency Mgmt. releases storm recovery update

Seminole District County 2 Commissioner Tim Porter said Monday night was a mess and the storms washed out several roads.

“We lost the three horns, that just washed out and collapsed,” said Porter.

Porter admitted that some of the roads need repairs but said money is the issue.

“We don’t have the budget,” said Porter.

Pruitt’s two dogs were also in the car with her that night, sadly one did not survive.

Pruitt’s car was also totaled and she is hoping the county will reimburse her for the damages.

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