Seminole County man meets up with paramedics who saved his life

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Seminole County man met the paramedics who saved his life during an award ceremony honoring them.

Don Plakon, 62, went into cardiac arrest in February, and after paramedics arrived, he began drifting in and out of consciousness. According to the department, he coded several times, but they were able to restore his heartbeat before he got to the hospital.

"This call is just another example of the caliber of our members," Lieutenant Armando Camancho said during the event. "Guys, thank you for your professionalism."

Plakon spent 12 days in the hospital but was released after a full recovery.


"Don can now have more birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and just time with family. Congratulations," Fire Chief Matt Kinley said.

The team that helped him received the Seminole County Fire Department’s Lifesaving Award.

Lieutenant Rob Cruthis, Ryan Lucas, Evan Futato, James Tagliani, and Johnathan Cotto are among the recipients.

"It almost seems like it's not real," Pakon said, seemingly stunned by his improvement. "It's a second lease on life."