Seminal filmmaker Resnais dies at 91

PARIS (AP) — Seminal filmmaker Alain Resnais, whose inventiveness in film made him among the world's cinema greats, has died. He was 91.

French producer Jean-Louis Livi said Resnais was working on his latest film even from the hospital, weeks after he was honored for "Life of Riley" at the Berlin Film Festival.

Livi said Resnais died Saturday.

"Last Year at Marianbad" is Resnais' most influential work, mixing fragments of time and space. It is routinely cited among the best of French New Wave artistry, although Resnais' career went well beyond that period.

"He was a man of the highest quality, a genius," Livi told France Info radio on Sunday.

Resnais was renowned for reinventing himself at each of his 20 some full-length films, including the acclaimed "Hiroshima Mon Amour."