How to Sell Old Video Games for Cash

Sabah Karimi

When you're tired of your older Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, and PSP games, consider selling those old video games through a store's trade-in program. It's not always easy to sell old video games for a reasonable price on auction sites -- in the local classifieds -- because many people can find new games at deep discounts on older games elsewhere. You might end having to pay fees to list your items in the local newspaper, and trying to sell video games at a garage sale can be challenging.

Still, there are some ways to get rid of those old video games and get some of your investment back. You can trade these games in for some of the latest games, or for other electronics, accessories, or a game console.

How Store-Based Trading Programs Work

The RadioShack Trade & Save Program makes it easy to trade your old video games in-store or online. RadioShack currently accepts video games for the: Microsoft Xbox; Microsoft Xbox 360; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo DS; Nintendo GameCube; Nintendo Wii; Sony PlayStation 2; Sony PlayStation 3; Sony PSP; and the Sony PSP Vita.

You just take your stack of video games to a store for an appraisal and use the value of the trade towards a RadioShack purchase. The store will look at the condition of the games and its current value on the market. For example, the current price for "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II" for Microsoft Xbox is as much as $3.60. If you agree to the price, the store can "buy" these items from you in exchange for a store credit. You'll be given a store credit for the value of your trade and can apply it to a new purchase that very same day.

If you decide to trade online, you'll need to determine the value of your products first. Just browse the titles listed under the "Games" section and the manufacturer to determine the current price. You'll need to provide information on what type of condition the game is in before you get your estimate. If you agree to that price, you can print off your free shipping label and ship your old video games to RadioShack. You'll receive a RadioShack gift card that can be used for online or in-store purchases--it's basically the same as cash and can be used for anything including mobile phones, cameras, camcorders or more games.

Store-based trade-in programs can be a simple and efficient way to get some money back from old video games. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of listing your items on eBay, setting up a garage sale, or advertising in local classifieds, consider getting an appraisal at RadioShack and get store credit or a gift card for your next video game or electronics purchase.


RadioShack Trade & Save Program