Self-Cleaning Kids' Rooms

If you’re a parent you’ve probably uttered the words “clean your room” a fair few times. You hate to worry about it, you hate to say it and let’s face it your kids hate to hear it!

The good news is, putting things in their place can actually be fun, when their place is an interactive part of your kid’s room.  If storage is more than just boxes and bins, we think you’ll find things being put in their place with a little less fight.

Here are 7 really great tricks that will motivate your kids into getting that growing mess off the floor!

Pegboard Headboards


Pegboard headboard. Photo: Apartment Therapy

Pegboards are a wonderful tool for organization, but they don’t have to be relegated to the workshop or garage for use. How about painting big pieces of it in vibrant, fun colors and nailing them behind your children’s beds as headboards? If you cover them in hooks and hangers, they’ll soon be displaying everything from precious art to coveted toys.  When you turn cleaning up into displaying, it makes it very easy and enjoyable for your children to get organized, because there is an element of pride in the action.

Bed Frame Organizer


Bed frame hanging organizer. Photo: Pinterest

Your child will love having everything close at hand when drifting off to sleep! You can easily make your own bed frame organizer by sewing together a few old towels or washcloths, making it simple for your little one to reach over for her favorite book or teddy without having to get out of bed past bedtime. Creating a system for organizing a bedtime arsenal of books and teddies is likely to encourage your child to keep exactly what they need at the ready.

Drawer Scenes


Drawer scenes. Photo: Head Opted Me First

An army of toy soldiers or every animal that Old Macdonald ever had strewn across the floor, does not a happy parent make. How about getting those battles and barnyards off the carpet and into drawers? With a little tinkering you can customize their drawers so that they serve as sliding display platforms, which we think your child will view as fun, rather than chore oriented.

Tin Can Magnets


Magnetic tin can organizers. Photo: Babble 

Create an artist’s workspace for your child by attaching magnets to the backs of tin cans. Having separate containers for pencils, crayons and paintbrushes up on the wall, means your child’s next great masterpiece is only a reach away.

Storage Reading Nooks


Storage reading nooks. Photo: Lamps Plus 

When you take the doors off a closet, remove most of the shelves and reinforce the middle shelf, you’re left with an area that serves as storage as well as a reading nook. Children love tucking away into little spaces and when you implement this great idea, they can tuck a bunch of their things in there too.

Fold-Away Chalkboard Desk


Fold-away chalkboard desk. Photo:

A chalkboard one moment and a desk the next! This is a great way to save space, store ‘desk mess’ and create a surface to jot down moments of great inspiration. This may be the easiest ‘clean-up trick’ of all, as your children get to make everything disappear by simply closing up the desk.

Under-the-bed Storage


Under the bed lego storage. Photo: Cherished Bliss

A lego collection is a thing of beauty, unless it’s strew across the entire floor! Your child can organize and store his entire loot right under the bed! That way, you won’t find yourself yelping out in pain with a bright yellow square digging into your foot!

When your children realize that storing and organizing in their rooms actually makes them more fun, we think you’ll find their rooms almost clean themselves! We hear a giant, collective sigh of relief!