SEIU pushes seven-figure ad campaign for immigration reform

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The Service Employees International Union announced the launch of a seven-figure advertising campaign for immigration reform Tuesday.

The five commercials the SEIU said would run on national cable networks feature law enforcement officers, small business owners, “DREAMers,” veterans and Republicans.

The ad campaign, which begins Tuesday, will run through June.


“We’re seeing a growing consensus across the country that we need to get immigration reform done and get it done now,” Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President, said in a statement.

“These ads show the breadth of support for commonsense immigration reform and highlight the diverse voices that are integral to moving this debate forward,” she added.

Kay joined President Obama Tuesday as he called for Congress to pass immigration reform, according to The Guardian.

The big union’s ad campaign comes a day after Crossroads GPS announced their $100,000 print and online ad buy for immigration reform.

The Senate is expected to take its first vote on immigration reform on whether to move forward with debate on the bill.

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SEIU pushes seven-figure ad campaign for immigration reform

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