Sega mishandles SOPA question, creates funny video as apology

Rick Marshall
Sega mishandles SOPA question, creates funny video as apology

The Stop Online Piracy Act is one everyone’s mind lately, including gamers concerned about their favorite companies’ perceived support of the legislation. Gaming site HotBloodedGaming recently encouraged readers to contact companies about SOPA, and among the responses they received was a message from Sega that, well… didn’t really address the issue.

In response to a form letter from reader DanGlozier66 explaining his issues with SOPA, Sega advised a “hard reset” of his system to get rid of “bad installs or junk data that’s stuck in the system memory.”

Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, it appears that Sega didn’t actually read the letter he sent them. Oh, and yes, the gaming community did indeed get a little annoyed with Sega (okay, a lot annoyed).

After the incident made headlines across the gaming scene, Sega eventually issued a response… of sorts. While it still doesn’t address the issue, the video created by Sega America (posted below) does poke fun at the company’s apparent universal-response strategy.

As for what Sega actually thinks of SOPA, well… that’s still a mystery.

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