The "New" Sega Dreamcast

David M. Ewalt
The "New" Sega Dreamcast

The Geek Picture of the Day was ahead of its time.

In this May 27 1998 photo, Bernard Stolar (then president and chief operating officer of Sega of America) displays Sega's new Dreamcast video game console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta.

The Dreamcast was widely regarded as a superior product, featuring a 128-bit vector graphics engine and a built in modem for online play via SegaNet. But it couldn't keep up with competitors --particularly Sony's PlayStation 2, which had a built-in DVD player. In March of 2001, after barely two years on the market, Sega ceased production and never made another console.

(AP Photo/Sega of America, Court Mast)

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