See video of young bobcat wandering through Pismo Beach neighborhood. ‘Oh look, a cat!’

A young bobcat roaming a Pismo Beach neighborhood surprised at least one resident Wednesday afternoon, after he though the feline was just another neighborhood cat.

When Shannon Galvan’s 19-year-old son got home at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday, he spotted the animal under the bushes, she told The Tribune.

“He just thought ‘Oh look a cat!’” Galvan said. “He just loves all animals and loves cats and wanted to pet it.”

When he approached the cat, it retreated through the bushes into the street — that’s when he noticed that it was a bobcat and not, in fact, a house cat.

In a video of the interaction Galvan shared on Nextdoor, the bobcat could be seen scampering across the street, then turning back to look at Galvan’s son before disappearing into the canyon.

“Luckily he got video, because honestly we probably would have never believed him,” Galvan said with a laugh. “We’re thrilled — we’re actually disappointed that he got to see it and we didn’t.”

The Galvan family lives near the top of Highland Drive in a neighborhood surrounded by open space, so they weren’t surprised to be visited by a bobcat.

A bobcat was spotted in Pismo Beach in March 2024.
A bobcat was spotted in Pismo Beach in March 2024.

Galvan frequently sees deer, coyotes and bear scat in the neighborhood, and her neighbors have even seen mountain lions, she said.

“We’re very aware that we live in the middle of a wildlife area,” she said. “We think it’s amazing.”

Galvan posted a video of the bobcat on Nextdoor to share the excitement with others, she said.

“It’s amazing that we live with all this wildlife all around us,” Galvan said. “Most people don’t know and don’t get to see it.”