See a little girl steal the show at her kindergarten graduation

One little girl is dancing her way into the first grade!

In a now-viral video that was filmed at a kindergarten graduation ceremony, one child breaks out some joyful dance moves for “Boom Chicka Boom,” chanting while clapping and shaking her hips. Her happiness and enthusiasm on stage is so infectious that the clip was featured on TODAY’s Morning Boost.

“She is not just going though the motions!” TODAY co-host Hoda Kotb declared.

Hoda called the little girl a “future Sheinelle Jones" and noted that the two share the same "energy."

“That is your spirit animal — that adorable little performer,” Hoda told Sheinelle, who recently got to live out her dream as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson.

Sheinelle, who was equally enamored with the adorable footage, noted that the rising first grader wasn't even trying to show off for the crowd.

“She’s in her own little world. She’s so happy,” the TODAY co-host said.

“She has showmanship. She’s a natural,” one person wrote on the TODAY YouTube page featuring the video. "May her hopes, dreams and aspirations all come to fruition."

The TODAY Facebook page was also flooded with comments.

"So cute. I see dancing in her future ... lol," one person wrote.

"May she never lose her spirit," wrote another fan.

Hats off to the class of 2023!

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