See Carson Daly's 2-year-old Daughter Goldie Crash Live Segment

Carson Daly’s 2-year-old daughter, Goldie, is looking so grown-up!

Carson, who is recovering from back surgery, was broadcasting a live a health update from home on September 15, when Goldie made a surprise cameo.

“There’s Goldie!” Carson exclaimed, as his TODAY co-hosts let out a collective “awwww” from the Plaza.

Goldie — or “GoGo” as Al Roker calls her — was ready for her close-up and flashed viewers a sweet smile. In the shot, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddler is seen wearing a pair of pink pajamas.

Carson and his wife, Siri Daly, a food blogger and cookbook author, are also parents of Jackson, 13, Etta, 10, and London, 8.

Goldie, a pandemic baby, made her debut on TODAY in April 2020, when she was 12 days old.

“She is the pot of gold in our family rainbow and she came obviously in a much-needed time with what’s happening in our country,” Carson shared during the segment. “She’s been a wonderful distraction.”

Goldie Daly, 2, popped up while Carson was sharing a health update on September 15. (TODAY)
Goldie Daly, 2, popped up while Carson was sharing a health update on September 15. (TODAY)

Earlier this year, Goldie adorably interrupted her dad while he was producing his Popstart segment from their living room.

“Da-da, da-dad,” Goldie said off-screen, before she climbed into Carson’s lap.

“Did you just walk in here by yourself?” Carson asked his youngest child.

“Yeah!” she replied.

Before signing off, Goldie, a total pro, blew kisses and waved goodbye to the camera.

Goldie isn’t the only Daly kid that appears to be following in her father’s footsteps. Jackson is a Nightly News: Kids Edition correspondent.

Jackson opened up in April about how he's always picking up pointers from watching Carson.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Jackson revealed on TODAY. “I learned that you always have to be prepared and just act like you’re having a conversation. (Celebrities) are just regular people… Don’t overthink it.”

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