Security Service of Ukraine questioned Russian who tried to save the cruiser Moskva and then joined the infantry

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The Security Service of Ukraine has questioned a Russian sailor who, after an unsuccessful effort to save the cruiser Moskva, joined the infantry and was taken prisoner.

Source: SBU (Security Service of Ukraine)

Details: The Russian sailor participated in an attempt to save the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in April. He subsequently joined the infantry, so as not to die in the middle of the sea.

Quote: "He was a participant in the operation to save the ship "Moskva". There were a lot of corpses and the rescue was very sad. The ship was lost, sank and could not be towed away.

After we returned from the rescue of the Moskva, we were given two choices: either go to sea, or join the infantry. I had seen enough of what was on the Moskva, and I didn't want to die in the middle of the sea – it's very scary. So I refused: I wrote a report that I agreed with the special operation in Ukraine."

Details: A young Russian "retrained" as an infantryman to fight in Ukraine. For three weeks, instructors from the Wagner Group ("wagnerists") helped him "change his profile", and soon the serviceman was sent on a reconnaissance mission to the Volnovakha district.

30 Russian servicemen were sent our on two armoured personnel carriers to conduct reconnaissance, but the first combat mission turned out to be a failure: the "scouts" were ambushed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and came under mortar fire.

Only 3 of the 30 managed to survive. Russian commanders abandoned the wounded on the battlefield.

The serviceman questioned has received medical assistance from the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who took him prisoner.