Security Expert Erroll Southers Signs With Buffalo 8 Management

Erroll Southers, the counterterrorism and homeland security expert, has signed with Buffalo 8 Management for representation.

Southers, currently a professor at USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, and managing director for terrorism and infrastructure protection at security consulting TAL Global, will be represented as a special consultant to the studios and the networks, with Buffalo 8 developing projects based on his experiences. The representation also includes public speaking and hosting.

“Dr. Southers is a fulcrum between Los Angeles, D.C., and the world at large, and is at the forefront in fighting terrorism,” said Steven Adams, partner and head of Buffalo 8 Management.

He served as California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deputy director in the California Office of Homeland Security and an FBI SWAT special agent. He was President Barack Obama’s nominee as assistant secretary to lead the Transportation Security Administration, but he withdrew the nomination in 2010.

“With my ever-growing homegrown and international counterterrorism platform, I am thrilled to be working with such an experienced and reputable team at Buffalo 8 Management,” Southers said in a statement.

Southers was director of transition and research deployment of the National Homeland Security Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, also known as CREATE. He also was a police officer with the Santa Monica Police Department and assistant chief with the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department.

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