Security camera captures cat narrowly escaping a coyote

A security camera recording the front porch of a Denver, Colorado home captured a tense moment between a cat and a coyote. 

Homeowner Jason Zaffuto says he was working in his home in the early hours on Monday when his family dog alerted him of a commotion outside. Zaffuto and his wife have been feeding a stray cat outside their home, which attracted a coyote.

In the clip, the coyote can be seen approaching the cat eating on the porch. When it gets close enough, the cat swats at the coyote, and makes a run for it. 

Zaffuto tells ABC 7 that the commotion alerted the attention of their family dog, and he was able to rush outside to scare the coyote away.

The family was aware of the pack of coyotes in his neighborhood, but had never seen them approach his home before.