Secretive Dutchman's car collection goes up for auction

STORY: This collection of more than 230 old cars belonged to a secretive collector

known only as Mr Palmen

Location: Dordrecht, Netherlands

Now, they're are being auctioned by Gallery Aaldering in the Netherlands

(Nick Aaldering, Co-owner of Gallery Aaldering vehicle dealer)

"It's a collection that has existed for years, for 40 years, which was brought together by a man who had a kind of collecting mania. He was a car enthusiast through and through, as you can see from the variety of cars on display here. It really is the pinnacle of collecting. He never focused on a single brand, he just followed his heart and this is truly a car collection with heart and soul and that is what makes this collection of cars so special."

The collection includes some classics worth several hundred thousand dollars each

"He was very careful with his collection because, again, he loved it with heart and soul and he didn't feel the need to show his purchases to the outside world. Sure, some people knew about the collection, but it was never exhibited or accessible, which is what makes this collection so unique. It's really a discovery."