Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Ends ‘Late Show’ Interview In Surprising Way

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Antony Blinken jammed with Stephen Colbert’s house band at the end of his interview on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

“I long wanted to be a musician as a kid. As a teenager, that’s what I wanted to do. There was just one missing ingredient: talent,” Blinken joked to Colbert before joining the musicians onstage.

Blinken’s love of music, history of playing guitar and band ABLinken is long known, with himself describing his sound as “wonk rock.”

But the secretary of state lightheartedly played down his abilities, telling Colbert “the best audience we have tends to be very young children who haven’t developed critical faculties.”

Watch from the 3-minute mark here:

And here is the rest of Blinken’s interview with Colbert about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the role that President Joe Biden’s State Department is now attempting to play on the world stage:

And here:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.