Secretary of energy says LNG exports helpful to allies

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During a White House briefing on Monday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm responded to a question from Yahoo News Senior White House Correspondent Alex Nazaryan about liquified natural gas. She defended LNG exports against criticism from environmentalists, saying that those imports are helpful to allies.

Video Transcript

- First, on our exports of liquefied natural gas and the criticism that some environmental groups have surfaced regarding that and climate change, can you address that?

JENNIFER GRANHOLM: With respect to LNG, we know that our liquefied natural gas exports have been a significant help to our allies, and it's an important-- it's very important to make sure that they have the means-- we are fortunate that we have an abundance, obviously, of natural gas in this country. Our prices are low. But during times of challenge, we want to help our allies as well.

We want to make sure it's the cleanest natural gas, which is one of the reasons why the inflation-- excuse me-- the bipartisan infrastructure are really invested in carbon-capture strategies and storage strategies. So that's an ongoing issue and an ongoing conversation we're having with industry, and that includes reducing methane as well.