Secretary of energy praises Texas's green energy production surpassing California's

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During a White House briefing on Monday, Yahoo News Senior White House Correspondent Alex Nazaryan asked Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about reports that Texas will surpass California in the production of green energy. She praised those reports and said it’s a goal to have green energy be produced in “every pocket of the country.”

Video Transcript

- Texas is now I think poised or has already surpassed California in renewable energy production. What do you make of Republican states like Texas going in on green energy, and are there lessons to be learned from the way they're doing it as opposed to blue states?

JENNIFER GRANHOLM: With respect to Texas, what an opportunity for every state to be able to produce clean energy. And, in fact, Political Story this morning suggested that there was an abundance of announcements coming out of red states. Great. That is fantastic. We want to be able to see energy, clean energy produced in every pocket of the country, blue states, red states.

Really, it helps to save people money. So it's really all about green. And green in the sense of, yes, it's helpful to the planet, but it's also helpful for jobs. And it's also helpful for us to be energy independent, which is exactly what the president would like to see, homegrown, clean energy, independent, so that we are strong and resilient.