Our Secret Places to Find Unique Moroccan Rugs

It’s no secret that Moroccan-inspired everything is HUGE right now, and Moroccan rugs may be the most trendy piece of all. Whether you prefer fluffy black and white Beni Ourain styles or colorful flat-weave pieces, they can really make a major impact on a room’s look. There are tons of brands that offer new options inspired by these designs, but if you ask us, there’s just something extra-special about bringing a truly authentic vintage rug into your home, one with a unique history and a distinctly handmade character. And if you agree, you’re in luck. With so many gorgeously styled and curated shops popping up on Instagram, it’s easier than ever to find a one-of-a-kind piece to really level-up your home. Here are some of our favorite lesser-known sources for scouting the perfect rug.

1. Due East: Due East founder Mollie Brown believes that since Texas and Morocco both lie on the 31-degrees latitude line, the two places share a special connection. With an eye toward the eclectic style of her native Austin, she sources some of the most breathtaking rugs we’ve seen.

2. Rock the Kilim: Rock the Kilim merges Gallic effortlessness with a stunning selection of versatile pieces. Founder Nadia Chajara will even personally help your source the rug of your dreams (and ship it internationally from France too).

3. Kat and Maouche: Owned by a Berber-American family living in Portland, OR, Kat and Maouche partners closely with communities in the mountains of Morocco from which they source their brilliant rugs, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with the artisans who make them.


4. Loom and Lantern: A bohemian paradise in Cleveland? Believe it. Not only does Loom and Lantern have an impressive array of rugs, from the ultra-colorful to the clean and minimalist, but their selection of poufs and woven baskets is equally dreamy.


5. Show Pony: Swoon-worthy, right? Every rug at Honolulu shop Show Pony tells a story, and founder Gina Davidson is the perfect translator to help you understand each one. From the symbols, which can communicate life events like weddings and births, to the colors, these pieces are truly something special.

6. Drift Home Collection: Guilt-free rug shopping? Check. Drift Home Collection is destined to put New Braunfels, TX, on the map because of their amazing finds *and* because they donate 10 percent of every item sold to a rotating cast of charities in each item’s country of origin. Right now, it’s benefiting organizations that help girls stay in school in Morocco.


7. Berberlin Rugs: Color is the name of the game when it comes to Berberlin, an aptly named labor of love started by a mom of three in (where else) Berlin. Follow on Instagram not only for the constant inspiration but also for heart-melting snaps of her little ones who are even more precious than the pretty rugs she posts.


8. Souk & Soul: Posting new rugs every week, Souk & Soul’s ever-changing collection means you’ll never get tired (or run out of inspo). This DC-based shop brings a collaborative approach to their frequent Moroccan sourcing trips, ensuring that there’s something new to discover on every visit.


9. Yonder Living: Our rose pink obsession is going strong in Yonder Living’s latest curated collection, and the effect is totally next-level. These South East London sisters really know how to pick ’em.

10. Alice Wouters: If you dream in pastels and jewel tones, then Alice Wouters’ selection of rugs will sweep you off your feet. The Belgium-based traveler is especially adept at sourcing oversized pieces, so it’s easy to fill your space with beauty.

11. The Wishing Trees: Do not adjust your screens; these rugs really are as saturated as they appear. Bohemian Aussie Jo Brittles names her rugs after ancient Greek figures, and it’s no wonder — every single one is worthy of a total goddess.

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