Second week of Justin Schuback trial begins

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Day six in the courtroom ended early for the trial of Old Forge resident Justin Schuback.

Schuback is accused of killing well-known businessman and restaurant owner Robert Baron.

Monday’s trial wrapped up testimonies for both the prosecution and the defense, only two people took the stand Monday, and Justin Schuback was not one of them.

Briefly, the prosecution called Lackawanna Coroner Timothy Rowland to the stand to verify Baron Sr’s death certificate, confirming his death was a homicide from traumatic injuries on January 26.

With no cross-examination from the defense, the prosecution then called special FBI Agent Michael Sabric to the stand to discuss his role as a celluar analyst in the investigation.

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Agent Sabric explained how he used cell phone towers to see Schuback’s phone movements on January 25 and 26.

However, Sabric told the jury that using this method, he could not pinpoint an exact location, but he was able to show a strip of the area where Schuback’s phone could have been.

All the graphics that were shown showed that Schuback could have been in the restaurant the night of the murder and in the area where Baron Sr’s body was found.

The defense argued that because there is no exact location from the data, Schuback could’ve been at home or roaming the streets to do drugs.

After agent Sabric’s testimony, the prosecution rested their case, and with no more witnesses or testimony from Schuback, the defense also rested their case.

Tuesday morning will be the closing arguments and then the jury will decide on a verdict.

Stay with 28/22 news for the jury’s decision.

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