Second train with toxic chemicals derailed in Michigan

STORY: Just after 8:30am local time (1330GMT), six train cars, out of 30 in total, crashed off the tracks in Belle Ville, Michigan.

Local authorities said that one train car contained liquid chlorine, however the fire department stated that there was no sign of leaking or damage, and the derailment currently posed no danger to the public.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, Energy (EGLE), and Wayne County Homeland Security have all been notified of the incident. There are no reported injuries.

The incident in Michigan comes two weeks after a separate Norfolk Southern train derailed near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, also carrying hazardous materials.

On Feb 3. the derailment of the Norfolk Southern operated train caused a fire that sent a cloud of smoke over the town and forced thousands of residents to evacuate while railroad crews drained and burned off toxic chemicals.