Second man found killed after Russian cruise missile attack on Lviv

First responders have recovered another body of a man who was killed by a Russian missile strike on an administrative building in Lviv, Governor of Lviv Oblast Maksym Kozytskyi reported on March 31.

Russian cruise missiles struck the administrative building in the morning, destroying the building and causing a fire, Kozytskyi wrote on his Telegram channel.

One man was initially reported as killed in the attack, and a second body was recovered in the evening as first responders continued clearing the rubble. Rescue operations were still ongoing as of 7:22 pm.

The same critical infrastructure was a target of Russian attacks on March 24 and March 29, Kozytskyi wrote.

Odesa, Rivne, and Kherson oblasts were also targeted during the same overnight attack on March 31. Russian troops hit Ukraine with drones and missiles, including 11 Shahed drones, 14 cruise missiles, an Kh-59 guided missile, and an Iskander-M ballistic missile, the Air Force reported.

Russia has recently intensified its attacks against Ukraine's critical infrastructure, with a March 22 strike damaging the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant, Ukraine's largest hydroelectric station.

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