SE OKC motel with troubled past appears closed after judge issued requirements

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local motel that has a troubled history of criminal activity appeared closed Friday.

A judge recently gave the Plaza Inn owners a deadline to either beef up security or shut down. Friday was that deadline and it now has a fence surrounding what looks like an empty property.

Plaza Inn with empty lot and fence.
Plaza Inn with empty lot and fence.

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When KFOR got to the property Friday, it was quiet and appeared empty with the fence surrounding it. The property is located near SE 28th Street and I-35. Police have responded there to over 250 calls since April. They have made arrests for everything from prostitution, to drugs, to murder. Back in May, the city sued the owners of the motel hoping to improve safety in the area.

“Whatever makes them feel safe and like it needs to not be shut down. Let them do it,” Plaza Inn resident Amanda Jackson said about 10 days ago.

KFOR interviewed Jackson when residents like her were still living on the property. Around that time, an Oklahoma County judge gave the owners an ultimatum and deadline to either step up security by Friday, Oct. 27, or shut down.

“If it does shut down, there’s like 100 or more people who are out on the streets,” Jackson said.

City officials told KFOR Friday they they have not been notified if the motel decided to close completely and that the motel technically doesn’t have to tell them if they do. A spokesperson said an officer drove by and checked the doors, only to find them locked with no one around. When KFOR was there it was much the same with what only appeared to be a landscaping crew on the property.

Plaza Inn sign
Plaza Inn sign

It’s unclear where residents like Jackson are now. We tried calling the motel to confirm their status or possible future plans. However, when we dialed the operator it put us on hold and a few minutes later replayed the same recording with options on who to dial. We never ended up getting an answer after we called.

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The city of Oklahoma City issued a statement on the matter Friday. That can be read in full below.

“A consent decree issued by the Oklahoma County District Court on Oct. 13 required the Plaza Inn to implement various security measures, which include the hiring of a minimum of two certified and armed security guards to prevent violent criminal conduct during all hours of the day and night and increase their surveillance capabilities by Oct 27.  Plaza Inn’s management has not contacted the City to confirm these requirements have been met, but a fence has been set up around the building and it appears they are closed to the public. The owners of the Plaza Inn will still be required to implement any outstanding security measures and now seek court approval if they intend to reopen for business.”

City of Oklahoma City

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