Sculpteo Makes it Easy to Create Your Own 3D iPhone Case

Emily Price
Sculpteo Makes it Easy to Create Your Own 3D iPhone Case
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Base Model

This skull is one of the base models in the app you can start with, add to, and customize.

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LAS VEGAS -- Sculpteo is making it easy to create your own 3D iPhone case. Winner of this year’s Best of Innovations award at CES, the company has released an app called 3DP Case that lets you create a three dimensional case for your phone in just a few minutes.

Cases can be customized almost any way you can imagine, however, there are a few base models to choose from. Highlights from Sculpteo’s booth at CES include cases with the recipient’s profile cut out of each side, and one case that had been customized to be cross-stitched after printing.

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Cases are easy to create and customize, and are affordable. The average 3D-printed iPhone case from the company is priced at around $30.

3DP Case is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What sorts of 3D cases would you like to create? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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