Scripps heir faces prison for swindling mom, uncle

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Scripps family heir is in federal court in Philadelphia awaiting sentencing for stealing $3.6 million from his mother and a disabled uncle.

Prosecutors say 36-year-old Michael Scripps spent the money on cars, jewelry and women.

Scripps faces more than seven years in prison after his April conviction.

His mother, Melissa Scripps, testified that she and her brother received more than $11 million from the 1980s-era sale of some family holdings.

The defense argues that Michael Scripps, who lives near Detroit, had his mother's permission to use the funds.

The defense also says Monday that Scripps has led a productive life since become estranged from what he calls his wealthy but dysfunctional family.

Michael Scripps is an heir to the fortune of James E. Scripps, who founded The Detroit News.