Scottish council gags 9-year-old food critic

LONDON (AP) — No one likes a critic.

About six weeks ago, 9-year-old Martha Payne began taking pictures of the lunches being served up at her school cafeteria in the Scottish coastal town of Lochgilphead, about 130 miles (210 kilometers) west of Edinburgh.

Her photos of uninspiring school meals — one consisted of two croquettes, a plain cheeseburger, three slices of cucumber and a lollipop — drew international attention.

But local officials aren't amused and have ordered the schoolgirl to stop taking pictures.

In a statement released Friday, Argyll and Bute Council said that Payne's photos were misleading and had caused distress to cafeteria staff.

The ban quickly became an online talking point, with free speech group the Index on Censorship even weighing in on Payne's behalf.