Scott Brown Got a Little Testy in His Debate with Elizabeth Warren

Adam Clark Estes
The Atlantic Wire

Sen. Scott Brown had a hard time hiding his contempt for challenger Elizabeth Warren at their second debate in Lowell, Massachusetts on Monday evening. Brown was quick to attack Warren on her character, her legal record and, of course, her heritage. He even pulled the self-important professor card on Warren, who's on the faculty at Harvard Law School.

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In one confrontation that The Boston Globe says is "destined to become a sound bite on the nightly news," Warren went after Brown for voting against jobs bills and ruffled his feathers a bit. "First of all, she's obviously misstating the facts," Brown told moderator David Gregory. (For the record, Brown did vote against President Obama's jobs bill last October.) When Warren tried to respond, Brown quipped, "I'm not a student in your classroom. Please let me respond." She did.

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The Brown-Warren race has been getting nasty lately. Last week, a mini-scandal flared up when Brown's his staffers were caught on video whooping and doing the tomahawk chop in an apparent attempt to make fun of Warren's claiming Native American heritage, which Brown thinks his opponent has exploited. Despite the flurry of bad press around Brown didn't hesitate to confront Warren once again about the issue.

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David Gregory latched on to the controversy and opened the debate by asking Warren about her background. She said she's "never used the information about our Native American heritage to get any advantage." Brown apparently doesn't buy that. He responded, "Part of this race is also integrity and character and trustworthiness, and there's a test you can take, and I believe she's failed that test."

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All the while, the crowd cheered and booed in the background. But hey, that's what makes these kind of events fun. That and the little bit of insight we get into candidates souls. David Gregory asked the candidates who their favorite Supreme Court justices were, for example. When Scott Brown named Antonin Scalia, the most conservative of the justices, Brown did this:

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Don't worry, folks. That's not the classic facepalm. She was just adjusting her glasses.