Scott Brown Doesn't Care What You Think

Connor Simpson

Is Scott Brown running for John Kerry's old Senate seat? No one knows, yet. But we do know Brown is feeling a little thin skinned lately, and that he isn't getting along with people being mean to him on the internet. Except you, Matt: you're great.

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Who is Matt? We don't know. Here's what we do know. Brown still isn't talking about his Senate aspirations. Like, to the point that he hung up on the Boston Globe when they phoned to ask him about it. But we all know his chances of winning are very good, if he decides to enter the race. He also might run for Governor some day, so that might happen instead. 

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And then last night something weird happened. Brown tweeted, "Yes. Get ready," before telling his followers he was going to see his daughter perform. (She's a singer.) Some jumped on his "Get ready," order as a confirmation he was joining the Senate race, and started firing off some "Scott Brown, you suck!" level criticisms. Brown wasn't having any of it, though. He decided to tell his critics how he really feels: 

@mattinsmrvlle whatever.

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013

@budparsons whatever bud

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013

@erudite_enigma whatever michael

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013


— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013


— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013

Your brilliant Matt

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) January 26, 2013

Whatever. We always knew you were brilliant, Matt. 

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So, what does this tell us about the Massachusetts Senate race? Not much! Is it hilarious? You bet! Most of the replies that irked Brown were pretty tame attacks, ones politicians probably receive on a daily basis. Why Brown was reading his replies when he was supposed to be watching his daughter sing is a question we can't answer. But, for hilarity's sake, we're so thankful he did. And that he probably had a few glasses of wine, too. Bqhatevwr forever.