The Science of Storytelling: Live Stream on Saturday, 10 PM EDT

Watch a live stream below of an event, "The Science of Storytelling and the Storytelling of Science." The event, set for 10 pm EDT on Saturday, March 30, will feature popular science educator Bill Nye, Hayden Planetarium astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, theoretical physicist Brian Breene, Science Friday's Ira Flatow, science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, World Science Festival Executive Director Tracy Day and Lawrence Krauss, director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University (ASU).

The panelists will discuss stories behind the science of the origin of the universe as well as technologies that will change our future. Other topics will include the importance of public understanding of science and how to convey the excitement of science. The event is the final night in the Origins Stories Weekend, part of the Origins Project at ASU.

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Live stream videos at Ustream

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