The 'Scary Movie 5' Trailer May Have Breached Lindsey Lohan's Contract

Connor Simpson

So, the Scary Movie 5 trailer came out yesterday. Routine and regular enough, right? Wrong, because Lindsey Lohan and the producers of this movie are "feuding" and apparently they took a veiled shot at her in the trailer. 

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At first the thing was notable because it gave us the first shot of Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen being at least kind of self-aware and making haha jokes about themselves. Watch it here: 

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So, yeah, that part in the scene where she screams and it cuts to the TV is not what we wer supposed to see, apparently. TMZ reports part of Lohan's agreement with producers said she would final clearance over any and all jokes at her expense. The TV was supposed to be a shot of her 2005 hit Herbie: Fully Loaded. Instead, it showed a news report saying she violated her probation again. Now she's going to check with her lawyers, and there's probably going to be a silly legal battle. The producers will probably pay a settlement and change it back to Herbie for the final cut. 

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This is dumb and everyone involved should feel bad.