Scalpa Founder Bryce Cleveland is Changing the Beauty Industry

Innovations are all around us in today’s fast-paced world. In every industry, there are new inventions and methods that are elevating the world as we know it. The ever-changing beauty industry plays a big role in business, and entrepreneur Bryce Cleveland has started making his mark by pioneering new services that are never-before-seen.

  • Bryce Cleveland
    Bryce Cleveland

Bryce is the founder of Scalpa: a training and sales company that revolves around aesthetic procedures. The company sells numerous products for a wide variety of beauty enhancements. From microblading and microneedling to buttocks and breast lifting, Scalpa offers everything you might need to bring your aesthetic to a new level.

Products aside, Scalpa offers revolutionary training programs that allow people to become beauty professionals without a college degree, opening up a broad spectrum of jobs and careers for people of all types. The training occurs online through the Scalpa website. The training takes you through in-depth training theory, live procedure videos, access to master educators, and opportunities to connect with others in the industry.

We haven’t seen learning in the industry like this before. Bryce Cleveland is not only revolutionizing the industry, but also changing lives along the way. With access to the online training, anyone can have the opportunity to learn the skill set needed to be successful at a much lower cost than a college or beauty school education. Those trained by Scalpa are in touch with others in the community, breeding a community of success under the Scalpa name.

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