Scafell Pike: Hikers Stranded After Smoking Too Much Marijuana

Hikers Marijuana
Hikers Marijuana

A group of Scafell Pike hikers was stranded after they smoked too much marijuana and became “incapacitated.” Authorities said the four men were rescued from the 3,209-foot peak without further injury. However, the rescue operation took three hours and risked the lives of numerous emergency personnel and volunteers.

As reported by Telegraph, the Cumbria Police Department received the emergency call on September 23. The caller, who was not named, stated that he and his friends were stranded on Scafell Pike because they smoked too much marijuana and were no longer able to walk.

Authorities immediately dispatched crews from the Air Support and Wasdale Mountain Rescue Teams. Although it took three hours to reach the four hikers and bring them down from the peak, nobody was injured during the rescue operation.

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