SC customers part of nationwide AT&T, Verizon cellular outages. Here’s where, what to know

Thousands of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile customers across the U.S. have been unable to make calls, send texts or access the internet Thursday because of a cellular outage.

The outage has so far included hundreds of customers in South Carolina.

Nearly 63,000 AT&T customers have reported outages, according to, a digital service tracking site that gives data on self-reported outages. Another combined 5,100 customers from Verizon and T-Mobile also reported outages, the website states.

The site shows pockets of customers in cities around South Carolina reporting AT&T outages. For instance, there were 116 reported outages in Columbia, 159 in Charleston, 106 in Myrtle Beach, 425 in Lexington and 203 in Greenville.

Some AT&T customers in the southeastern U.S. have been unable to place 911 calls due to the outage, CNN reported.

A Thursday press release from Verizon states that the company’s network remains fully operational.

“Some customers may have experienced issues this morning when calling or texting those served by another carrier,” the press release states. “Our network continues to function normally.”

Many customers without service are showing an “SOS” message on phones where cell bars are typically shown. The “SOS” message means the device is searching for coverage, but customers should still be able to make emergency calls, Fox 35 Orlando reported.

Customers without cell service should be able to text if on WiFi but may not be able to make calls.

What is causing the drop in service is still unclear. The companies did not immediately respond to CNN requests for comment on the outages.