‘Saving a seat’: Fallen officers honored in Longview

LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — After two days of hard work, the honor chair, built by the Saving a Hero’s Place organization, was unveiled in Gregg county.

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“It’s nice that fallen heroes get things every once in a while,” Cort Clements, a family member of a fallen deputy, said.

For the sheriff’s office, it’s a way to show tribute to those who died wearing their uniform.

  • photos of officers honored, pictured: Vance Clements
    photos of officers honored, pictured: Vance Clements
  • photos of officers honored, pictured: Robert Ransom
    photos of officers honored, pictured: Robert Ransom

“The family knows that the sheriff’s office is never going to forget their loved one that was killed,” Tommy Capell, Saving Heroes Place executive director, said.

Deputy Vance Clements’ name is on this new piece of memorabilia, and for his son, it’s incredibly special even 23 years later.

“My dad was my hero, all these guys, some of them have to make the sacrifice they all know what this job entails but some of them have to pay for it but that’s what makes everybody in blue stand out,” Clements said.

Saving a Hero’s Place travels around the country and with support from communities they make sure the names of fallen officers live forever.

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“It just keeps their memory alive. It’s not as easy to pass a chair like that and not notice it, as it is a plaque on the wall,” Capell said.

Now, the honor chair will stay at the Gregg County Courthouse to serve as a display to always save a seat for those who sacrificed their lives.

“It’s a tool to help show that they might not be here but they have a place to sit at the table still,” Clements said.

For law enforcement showing support, it’s also a reminder of the dangers of their job and for their families, a way to remember their heroes.

“And I can show my kids and everybody else, at any time,” Clements said.

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