How to save battery life in iOS 7

Zach Epstein

iOS 7 Battery Life Tips
iOS 7 Battery Life Tips

The launch of Apple’s new iOS 7 software earlier this week is obviously a huge deal for Apple device users but as we mentioned earlier, we have tried to steer clear of spamming you with dozens of tips, tricks, user guides and so on. From time to time we do come across some great info for new iOS 7 users that really is worth sharing, though. On Thursday we covered a great compilation of new and somewhat hidden iOS 7 settings not everyone knows about and now, we’ve come across a nice quick collection of tips on TUAW that will help iOS 7 users get the most out of the battery in their devices. This is especially important for users with older devices, because many are reporting that their batteries took a huge hit when they updated. Some of the tips are common sense things like avoiding animated wallpapers, but there are a couple of good ones in there such as controlling which apps can refresh data in the background and a note on how to disable iOS’s new 3D parallax feature. The TUAW post is linked below in our source section.

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