Satellite photos of Ukrainian strike on Donetsk rail station

Strike on a railway station with fuel in the temporarily occupied Donetsk
Strike on a railway station with fuel in the temporarily occupied Donetsk

Satellite imagery company Planet has published photos of the aftermath of a presumed Ukrainian strike on the Mushketove railway station in occupied Donetsk on Oct. 31.

The rail yard reportedly stored fuel for the Russian military in numerous tank cars.

The photos were published on Twitter by RFE/RL journalist Mark Krutov and OSINT (open-source intelligence) analyst Brady Afrik.

The images taken on Nov. 1 clearly show damage from a major fire. However, several tanker cars are no longer visible in the images. Krutov speculates surviving cars may have been moved after the attack.

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Another image displays a Russian fuel train damaged by the Ukrainian strike.

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On Oct. 31, Ukrainian journalists reported that a Ukrainian missile strike has set a Russian fuel depot in Donetsk ablaze.

On Oct. 23, Ukrainian forces destroyed an enemy ammunition storage facility on Revyakin Street in Donetsk. According to Kyiv’s intelligence, the warehouse contained captured Ukrainian weapons.

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