Sandara Park enjoys Manila trip with brother

The K-pop star says that she had fun bonding with Thunder on "One Night Food Trip"

29 Sep - Korean star Sandara Park had a lot of fun bringing her younger brother and former MBLAQ member Thunder back to the Philippines for the food travel show, "One Night Food Trip".

As reported on Push, while Park, a former star in the country has constantly returned since she became famous in Korea; brother Thunder hasn't set foot back in Manila for the last ten years. But according to Park, the two of them enjoyed their time in the country very much.

"Everything was fun travelling with my brother," said the singer, who travelled around Palawan and Manila. "The most memorable thing was the crocodile farm in Palawan. We saw hundreds of them. It was my first time, so I was really sweating."

As for Thunder, who has grown a lot since they left the country in 2007, Park shared that she sometimes couldn't believe that it's the same boy whom she used to carry around and feed when they were younger.

"We weren't that close. I mean, we don't go out on a vacation or spend a lot of time together. So it has been a very special time for us," she added.

The Sandara Park - Thunder episode of the "One Night Food Trip International Edition" will be aired on tvN Asia on 5 December.

(Photo Source: Sandara Park Instagram)