San Jose Dad Allegedly Asked to Leave Amusement Park Over Pinoy Pride ‘Gang-Related’ Tattoo

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A man spending time with his son on Father’s Day was allegedly asked to leave an amusement park in San Jose, Calif., after security accused him of having "gang-related" tattoos.

What happened: Mark Devera was recording his son on a Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ride when amusement park security guards confronted him about his "Pinoy Pride" tattoos on Sunday, according to KPIX5.

  • One of the guards allegedly told Devera he was not allowed on the premises, citing “gang-related” tattoos are against their policy.

  • The San Jose father shared a picture of his tattoos that said, “Pinoy” on one arm and “Pride” on the other.

  • “It’s an expression of me being proud to be Pinoy, a Filipino gentleman,” Devera explained. “I’m proud of my country, you know, I’m proud of who I am.”

  • Devera asked for the manager as he filmed the guards during the confrontation. The manager looked at his tattoos and said they were fine but asked the father to cover up to remain in the park.

  • Park security allegedly followed Devera after the incident, which made his son upset.

Denial: In a statement to KPIX5, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk explained they ask guests to cover up their tattoos as some “may cause negative or aggressive reactions from some guests.”

  • As for the incident with Devera, the park denied kicking the father out of the park but admitted they asked him to cover his “Pinoy Pride” tattoos.

  • Devera pointed out other park visitors with visible tattoos who weren't scrutinized, such as one man with an “LV” tattoo "representing" Las Vegas. However, the personnel of the Boardwalk did not react.

  • The statement failed to address Devera’s claim on being followed while inside the park.

Featured Image via KPIX CBS SF Area

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